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  •  On rare occasions my father drank (11+ / 0-)

    a bit too much bourbon and would tell his young son the horror stories from his tour in the Philippines. It turns out when people get shot, they don't just fall down dead like in the movies. They linger on for some time.

    A mortar shell landed at my fathers feet, but it blow out away from him leaving him untouched. His best buddy wasn't so lucky. He laid in the mud with his intestines hanging out. My father stuffed his intestines, mud and all, back into his gut and traveled with his friend to the medic tent. When they reached the triage area, the soldier asked the doctor, "Doc do I have a chance? If not set me aside and treat somebody else." They shot him full of morphine and set him aside.

    After a particularly vicious battle, my father's unit walked across the field of battle. The field had been shelled unmercifully. As they are walking across this killing field, a Japanese soldier stands straight up from a fox hole and makes the most ungodly moan. I can't reproduce it phonetically here, but my father's reproduction of the sound still scares the shit out of me today. I can't imagine what it was like to have been there. The soldier is basically already dead, basically a zombie, but still, from beyond the grave, he reminds the men, both allies and Japanese, just what horror the are engaged in.

    When he had not drank as much, he had great stories of monkeys and heroics ("Damn the division, I'm going to Luzon!", and a disturbing one of village kids playing soccer with a human head.

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