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  •  "Gop who are certainly winning control of (1+ / 0-)
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    congress" i disagree and you are jumping ahead of yourself. And you still haven't mentioned the history making hell no and filibusters. A lot of voters are becoming aware of the fact foreign corporations are funding republican candidates. If we focused more on these kinds of things instead of all the negativity and defeatist comments, we can limit the number of seats lost. The republicantea will not take control of either house.

    •  Believe you or my lying eyes...hmm. (0+ / 0-)

      You might want to read Steve Singiser's front page diaries on how polls are accurate and stop blaming polls for Obama losing House and Senate due to bumbling incompetence.

      Polls show GOP getting stronger as election gets close.  Ohio, Fisher once lead and is now a dead man walking as is Machin in a "sure Demo win" in WVa that is now a sure GOP win.  Angle is beating Reid in down and out NV.  Rossi pulling ahead of Murray in WA. Feingold history in WI.

      You choose a fantasy life over the reality of Obama leading Dems to worst election beating in decades, good luck with that.

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