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View Diary: Education: Manifesto versus Manifesto (113 comments)

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  •  US education was best when union strongest. (5+ / 0-)

    Same is true for US economy has a whole, when unions were strongest, US has best educational system, strongest economy, shrinking deficits and debt, building great infrastructure, more equitable income distribution which also meant more equitable political power.

    Remember Laura Clawson's front page diary on how Arne Duncan, Obama's Sec. of Education pushes the corporate private schools over public education.

    How Obama blames bad teachers for education cutbacks on days of school, for increased class size due to teacher layoffs, for education decline of kids with fewer school days, bigger classes, fewer teachers and stressed out jobless parents.

    Obama upped funding for the anti-teacher "No Child Left Behind" to $12B per year vs. canceling it and helping broke states hire 100,000 teachers.

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