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  •  in the old days, Wall St. firms asked for SAT (1+ / 0-)
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    scores. Guess how that worked out for are thinking too much like a businessman; should public education even strive to give you, an employer, something measurable to judge a future worker by?  Shouldn't education should be about giving students an enriching experience while they discover the wonders of history, physics, mathematics, art, music, literature? I can tell you this; in the school where I taught, almost half the students failed the state tests. It was an urban school and I guess you could call it a failing one. Yet I see those kids as adults working in good jobs in the community. I quit teaching 10 years ago because the testing demands were impossible. I won't blame myself; after ten years the scores still haven't gone up. They recently "closed" the school and reopened it with new staff. I still work in schools, but I am older and have health issues and am an old social worker/curmudgeon. If tenure goes they would can my ass in a second, because I have too many years, too many degrees, a high salary, and a lot of health problems ( as does anyone who works in a school for 22 years _) And I am constantly on the wrong side of every stupid idea administration comes up with. block scheduling, school uniforms, and so on, neither of which has been shown to do any good. In fact, there's a good chance uniforms are unconstitutional, at least the ACLU thinks so.I speak to young people in college now, and more than one has decided to change majors from education to something else, and you can thank Christie, Bill Gates, Arne Duncan, and Michelle Rhee and her ilk for that. When the economy recovers they will again be begging for teachers, and society will do what it has always done, simply make it easier to let anyone become a teacher. You will still get good people in the humanities; they have no where else to go if they want to pursue their subject ( they can do plenty of other jobs though ) but schools will simply not be able to find people in the sciences and math areas.

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