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  •  Can you guarantee that students that enter into (1+ / 0-)
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    my elementary school will not be 2 years behind before they even start?  That they will be able to spend the entire K-5 years in my school - not coming and going 3-4 times each year as they are evicted from one trailer park after another?  That they will have regular doctor and dental checkups during those years, and will receive medications as needed for illnesses and glasses for poor eyesight?  That they will have bedtimes, and regular and adequate meals of good food, fresh fruits and veggies?  That they won't be exposed to every R rated movie that comes out, to porn on the cable channels, and will be restricted from spending hours upon hours playing violent video games, while they do get read to at a home where there are books and magazines?  That their parents won't be physically abusing them, and the parents not be drugged/drunk most of the time?  That they will come to school in shoes without holes/flopping soles, and clothes that fit and are clean?  That here will be time devoted at home for homework?
    And that there will be adequate supplies/materials in the school so teachers don't have to spend from their own pockets to provide for their classrooms?
    THEN I'll be willing to guarantee our results.

    •  And one one more thing -- that the school SYSTEM (0+ / 0-)

      --and the whole STATE dept. of education--won't try to dodge providing special education for those children who need specialized instruction because of their learning problems (through the flim/flam of RTI/Response to Intervention) so they can manipulate the test scores to appear better because of NCLB.

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