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    the arguments being made about Newark public schools as grounds for the Facebook money (which btw is probably illegal under NJ law) are based on a misrepresentation of the performance of Newark Public Schools, as one write for the Newark Star-Ledger made very clear in a recent piece.

    "what the best and wisest parent wants for his child is what we should want for all the children of the community" - John Dewey

    by teacherken on Sun Oct 10, 2010 at 03:24:54 AM PDT

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    •  A Newark Star-Ledger reader comment (0+ / 0-)

      How are we, as teachers, ever going to compete against the lucrative drug trade? It is the real reason kids stop coming to school. They have the basic skills necessary to be successful academically but they can't "afford" to wait for the return on investment from receiving an education. They know that the drug money is there and time is awasting sitting at a desk in school. Sadly, you can almost pick out the kids who will go that route. Sometimes you are wrong (thank God) but usually you are not. Another point about the gangs is that students have told me that they NEED to be in a gang according to where they live. If no, there will be no one there to help them if someone comes after them or a family member and they are on their own. It's their form of "neighborhood watch".

    •  A Newark Star-Ledger comment (0+ / 0-)

      by another reader in another article:

      Here is the problem. These excellent teachers are cussed at every day. They are disrespected every day. Their very lives are threatened on a daily basis. Unfortunately, those people who were well-meaning and chose to become administrators become drunk with the power that they have in their little fiefdoms. The money becomes more important than the kids.

      So they take the easy way out. They blame the teachers. The teachers are told that what ever happens in their classroom is their fault. They say that their method of instruction and delivery is the problem. They side with the parents because they do not want to anger them with bringing up the real truth.

      The truth is that the anarchist kids who do not want to learn are able to terrorize and threaten the students who do want to learn. They are able to make these kids capitulate to them. As a result, the kids who would have normally been respectful and attentive become part of the problem.

      These teachers are dealing with hard core gang and criminal type kids who are able to threaten and endanger the safety and well-being of not only other students, but of the whole teaching staff.

      You have so many parents who grew up in the same type of environment and continue to perptuate these attitudes and behaviors in their kids. They go to the schools ready to physically assault the teachers because they dare point out the brutal facts that their children are demonstrating terroristic behavior in class.

      Excellent teachers cannot deliver an education to anyone who is intent on creating and maintaining havoc.

      The governor and a large part of the public have it all wrong.

      The governor should focus on STUDENT and PARENT reform.

      What I just stated is a truth that no one really wants to talk about because that will not get them elected. Telling the truth is not popular among the masses who are contributing to the problem.

      I have to say that at most probably .5% of the teachers in Newark are bad teachers.

      The rest of them give everything that that they have everyday. Unfortunately, the culture in Newark has become a babaric culture where respect for educators and education is non-existent. The student who really want to learn cannot learn because their lives are threatened if they try to absorb the excellent education that these committed teachers give to them everyday. This is problem is happening all across our country.

      This problem does not occur in other countries.

      In other countries, educators are revered and respected. Education is relished. This is why even third world countries are outperforming us.

      It is not because the method of instruction or delivery is poor, it is because the kids who act like babarians are able to terrorize good teachers who want to do their jobs with excellence and students who want to learn.

      I challenge you to visit other countries to see for yourself. This type of craziness does not happen. The culture does not tolerate it.

      There needs to a serious movement that focuses on STUDENT and PARENT reform.

      I bet you the politicians will not address this because this issue will not get them elected or reelected.

      I say again.

      The excellent teachers in Newark and in similar places can only teach and will only be able teach when STUDENT and PARENT reform is began.

      No amount of money will improve things until STUDENT and PARENT reofrm becomes the central issue.

      You can Praxis any educator to death.

      Nothing will change until STUDENT and PARENT reform is initiated with passionate fervor.

    •  Another Newark Star-Ledger reader comment (0+ / 0-)

      As a high school teacher in this city, I am amazed each day at the intelligence of my students. No, I don't work in a charter school. We're talking good, ole, NPS. North Ward. Barringer. These kids have dreams. Goals. Passions. Hopes. Just like I did. Just like I do. And it's my purpose to give them the best education I can muster. Guess what? I don't get cursed out everyday. In fact, each morning I'm greeted with "Good morning, miss. How are you doing?" when my students enter our room.

      We set the standard for ourselves. My students and I set a high standard. We're not blind to the challenges. We know they come in 3 years behind in their reading. We acknowledge that because of their zip code, life has many cards stacked against them. We are real about the obstacles, but they are serious about the work to overcome those challenges.

      Let's showcase these students. And not at the magnet schools. Or charters for all you nay-sayers. There are wonderful, intelligent, amazing, creative, hilarious, respectful, kind, and caring teenagers....

    •  Another Newark Star-Ledger reader comment (0+ / 0-)

      This story is just a sample of the awful conditions and "learning" environments of the NPS. Most schools with the exception of the east ward are dysfunctional. You have dysfunctional administrations leading these buildings. That ensures the decades of failure, which we have been seeing. How the heck can an administrator come to school more concerned about selling her bootleg movies, then organizing her building. You should hear the stories of the south region schools. Kids eat 3-4 times a day, run the halls, hit teachers, vandalize the buildings while the administrators hide all day, except for every other Friday when they come out and sign for that six figure check.

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