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  •  I rec'd the diary... (0+ / 0-)

    ...but disagree with the content.  Disagreeing does not preclude thanking someone for taking the time and energy to post.

    Where I live (suburbs IL) our teachers are well paid, and have a good pension plan.  The state has completely looted that pension plan.  Excellent new teachers are turned away before tenure.  Burned out veterans phone it in.  Dedicated, hard working, good teachers despair at what is happening around them.

    School boards play politics and are incompetent despite massive available resources by the IASB and organizations with decidedly different agendas.  No one can balance a budget with out raising taxes the maximum allowed by law or borrowing money without taxpayer consent, or more commonly both together.  AP and mainstreaming have left average students the forgotten majority.

    Any one groups fault for the problems?  No.  Does it need open public discussion?  Yes, anywhere and everywhere.  Preparing the next generation to succeed, is there a more important long term goal?

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