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View Diary: (WI-Sen) I hate Wisconsin, but I love Russ Feingold! (129 comments)

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  •  I feel terrible. (8+ / 0-)

    I'm one of those liberals but all I can see in Green Bay? Is potential. To be something more than what it is now. Perhaps it's because I've been to the inner city, perhaps it's because I'm a wide eyed idealistic youth, but the teachers in public school here taught me in 7th grade about various movements and went deeply into it. (of course, I grew up on the west side.)

    There is a growing base to fight the conservative machine here, I doubt it will ever be a Madison by any means but it just needs a little more time, care, and less loathing and hatred.  I'm fighting to make it lean blue this election. I hate how it is here, but I refuse to go away.

    Besides, it's not Waukesha, Ozaukee, or Washington county. ;)

    •  Good for you! (5+ / 0-)

      May you have the strength and the perseverance that I couldn't!

      My best friends is still in G.B., and she's not at all like anything that I've described. G.B. is resistant to change but, just like the rest of the nation, it eventually will because it'll be forced to.

      I highly recommend getting in with a progressive organization (Democratic Party of whatever city you're in, or something else like that), in order to help you feel not as alone as I always did.

      Best of luck, and please keep me posted!

      •  I'll be sure to do so! (7+ / 0-)

        I've donated a fair share of my money to the Feingold, Barrett, and Kagen camp. Been doing it bit by bit, it's important to me that we shouldn't lose these people in office.

        I'm oddly so connected to Green Bay and have a tad bit of faith in the place to pull out, particularly the teachers in the public school and the system that is growing to accept minorities and other places. Plus, an important thing to note is that we have the Oneida Tribe as well around here.

        Plus, from what I heard? Ron Johnson in some ways around here is not doing so hot now that defending Rev. Feeney has come out. Yes, there are a lot of Catholics here - but they are getting tired of how the Green Bay Diocese is run especially since they're the ones behind tearing down beautiful buildings that represent the culture of our city and the many charges of molestation with them simply moving those convicted people around. I still think it's going to be a hard fight for Brown County to turn blue, but I am doing my best to tell everyone.

        Green Bay is still a little city in many respects, but there are a lot of places we can organize. It's on it's way getting there.

        Plus, let's face it. Feingold made a football commercial! And is helping out the Wisconsinites in the western part of the state watch the Packers! I bet that's gonna win a lot of votes in Green Bay. ;)

        •  Hee hee! (4+ / 0-)

          It totally will, you're right! Also, who is Rev. Feeney? I know Johnson was close to some city council dude at one point. Geez, I'm glad I missed the tearing down of major city landmarks, because that is beyong sad. :(

          I wonder how long even Democrats can keep the Native American population voting for them, since we stole all their land and we give them shit in return. Oneida Nation has been pretty sweet to the Brown County area, but I know that's only because they're makin' money from the casinos.

          I always tell people that Green Bay is an overgrown small town, and I think it's apt. It doesn't function as the middle-cized city that it truly is.

          Cheers, p.b.! Good talkin' to you!

          •  :) (3+ / 0-)

            It was depressing, it was a beautiful old building of the bishop's home around here. While I'm not personally particularly religious, it was still a beautiful place that could have been easily used for something else and you know that the Green Bay Diocese only tore it down for money to gain later. I was there when it happened, the beautiful building was so well built that it took a while to actually break apart. :(

            Here is some information about the whole Rev. Feeney and Ron Johnson Connection. He was actually on the city Finance Council.  

            I'm in personal belief that Green Bay is in the process of transformation, it was just lagged behind because it had the influence of the Fox Cities for so long. Now the Fox Cities are beginning to distance itself from it - it will soon probably join up in the ranks with western and middle part of the state soon. After all, you have to keep in mind? Brown County did turn blue for Obama. It was a small margin, but it shows a sign. :) That and I noticed at a few rummage sales I was with my grandparents, a few heated debates between people started breaking out on the different end of the political scale even in the suburbs. The liberal way of teaching in public schools has helped a lot here. I just wish we didn't have a serious brain drain here. :(  

            The Oneida Nation has done a lot of things to revive the city, I could go on about the history to you how they were actually going to get rid of the entire bus system before the casino. When the Oneida Tribe began to prosper so did the city itself.

            It's actually pretty unique and I believe the city should embrace this more and have a cooperative relationship with each other since this is a pretty interesting set up here. Not to mention, helps a lot with the many festivals around here as well. Generally speaking, the democrats always make sure to help with the Tribes of Wisconsin here so I don't see how they'd vote anything else.

            It was wonderful talking to you as well!

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