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View Diary: (WI-Sen) I hate Wisconsin, but I love Russ Feingold! (129 comments)

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  •  There's too much of that from Republicans (1+ / 0-)
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    Greg in TN

    Even Wisconsin Public Radio had a guest (Jo Eglehoff) on who said the current administration was a "cancer that must be removed."  She snuck it in at the end of the hour so it wasn't challenged by the host or the Dem. guest.
    The thing that has changed the most since I moved here 36 yr ago is the strength and size of fundamentalist churches.  The Catholics and WI Ev Lutherans were always reactionary but have become much more vocal and there are tons of new megachurches which, IMHO, are more political than religious.  Madison's bishop is a smart operative who has moved the diocese back to the 1940's and is a real political player.  I think the religious involvement has been enough to tip purple to red.

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