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    The term "bigger government" is very misleading.  Who would want a bigger government with too many people doing useless jobs?  The answer is nobody.  Could the problem be that we don't have enough people earning enough money to pay enough taxes to support the country with a military budget that's larger than all military budgets on the planet combined, plus pay for everything else a large nation needs to do to keep up with broken down schools, bridges, transportation of all kinds, health problems, and all the other things that governments should do for their people to live decent and prosperous lives.  Maybe too few people have most of the money, and actually they do, and maybe these people pay a smaller percentage in taxes than the rest of us, which is true.  Could this be the real problem that Republicans are hiding behind their attack on "big government."  

    How about the Democratic Party attacking big paychecks and bonuses that pay too little in taxes?  Could somebody be afraid to step on too many powerful and important toes?  Since all of us are supposed to be equal, why don't we make a simple change in the tax code and have everyone pay the same percentage in taxes?  Isn't it time for hedge fund billionaires to stop paying a measly 15% in income taxes?  Gee, firemen pay more than that, and so do teachers.

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      Here's the full quote:

      Millennials, in addition to being more socially liberal, tend to see government as more effective than older generations. While they are not necessarily more supportive than their elders of broad social safety net programs, they are substantially more supportive of government regulation, affirmative action and less likely to accuse the government of being wasteful and inefficient. In this regard, Millennials are the only age group in which more voters prefer a bigger government providing more services than a smaller government providing fewer services.

      I don't know how you could read this and assume it means Millennials support a "bigger government with too many people doing useless jobs". In the context of the quote, it means that they don't buy into the decades-old conservative canard that government is the enemy. They think government can be a force for good in our society.

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