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  •  yeah it's pretty interesting (5+ / 0-)

    that most of the polling I've seen for the mid-terms has been from Rasmussen too. So I just don't see why Nate has the Republicans chances around 75% for the House.  
    This is from his website:
    graph on House as of today 10/10:

    159 Solid Dem
    168 Solid Republican
    45 leaning Dem
    26 leaning Republican
    37 tossup

    Therefore, if the Dems take those that lean Dem then they only need 14 of the 37 tossup to hold the majority.

    If the Dems need only 14 of the 37, then their chances are better -- unless they truly aren't tossup but are leaning Repub.  With the cell phone factor and other factors it certainly looks like the Dems have a better chance of a HOLD.

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