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View Diary: Millennials: Will they, or won't they? (168 comments)

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    The majority of Democrats who vote in every election is higher for those over 65. In fact I am 64 and I think my generation is more liberal than those people mid 40s-mid 50s. I always refer to that generation as the the 'apathetics'. As people age they do move closer to the center as they face the realities of life. If the younger generation wants to build a more liberal base in the D party, they need to stick with the party, vote every  election and become activists to have some influence. I think Daily Kos does a good job asking people to participate in the political process, and presents relevant information on the elections. Unlike Salon, where every writer and those who post, seem is in a constant state of complaining and bashing Obama and the Democrats.
    I fear the far left echo chamber is going to bring down the Democrats and enable the far right.

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