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    Tom Harkin's 1995 proposal. I trust and respect Tom Harkin. His plan to gradually reduce the number of votes needed for cloture after a bill is introduced makes more sense than what I have heard from anyone else. His plan was to require 57 votes after two weeks had passed, 54 votes after a few more weeks, etc. That is a logical proposal that could preserve the minority party's ability to control debate, while at the same time not completely ending the prospect that a particular piece of legislation could pass given enough time. It is a reasonable proposal.

    So, thank you for informing me about Harkin's plan. If more people were interested in talking about more nuanced approaches such as this then perhaps I would not have taken the approach that I did. All I hear from 99% of the people on this site about the filibuster is that they want to "end it".

    •  Great! (0+ / 0-)

      Now there's something you can get behind, so that's good news.

      There are a couple of good proposals floating around, but the first step is to make sure Senators take advantage of the opportunity to make a change, and that they be convinced of the propriety of doing so.

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