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View Diary: Rutgers paper exploits gay suicide to push do-nothing agenda (161 comments)

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  •  No, SoCalLiberal, you got an answer: find a case (2+ / 0-)
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    Nowhere Man, gooderservice

    and show how else, other than the participants' gender, it differed from this one.

    No one has talked about the surviving person who was in Tyler Clementi's room that night. I'm certain that person hadn't given permission for the video / netcast either.

    I hope that person chooses to sue not just those thoughtless, cruel, homophobic young adults, but the institution that created an environment enabling them to do what they did. They killed an 18-year-old human being, a violinist, a sensitive and talented youngster.

    They literally drove him to do away with himself.
    Rutgers is at fault too. The environment the University encouraged made those two think they would be protected in their cruelty.

    LBJ & Lady Bird, Sully Sullenberger, Molly Ivins, Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards, Drew Brees: Texas is No Bush League! -7.50,-5.59

    by BlackSheep1 on Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 10:15:51 PM PDT

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