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View Diary: Rutgers paper exploits gay suicide to push do-nothing agenda (161 comments)

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    No, not to your diary, but to the writer of that drivel. The "hardships of life" do not include harrassment, bullying, abuse (physical or emotional), or a threat to someone's peace of mind.

    I wish people would stop blaming Clementi's death on the insistance that he was weak, unsteady or mentally ill. This boy was tortured in a way few people (outside his millieu) can understand.

    I also wish people would stop calling him a martyr or a brave young man to do what he did. That does nothing but glorify his unjust death, trying to make him a hero instead of facing the truth about his pain and the pain others just like him feel (and I don't single out gay youth, but any young person who for their beliefs, their race or their sexual orienatation, are treated as if they are lesser human beings).

    Clementi didn't kill himself because he wanted to teach his abusers a lesson. He did not kill himself so that peers suffering from the same torture all over the world would put him on a pedastal.

    Tyler Clementi died because he was publicly humiliated by someone he may have thought he trusted, and due to the public nature of it all, he felt there was no safe quarter). I don't know how "close" he was to his roommmate, but they were roommates. If the ones closest to you turn on you, some people see no safe haven left to them. They feel isolated and alone. Perhaps he was not out to his family -- and he felt they would learn about it this way. His family might be humiliated, and he may have felt responsible for this. I know this is conjecture, but suicide (or thoughts of it) comes when you feel there is absolutely no other way and there is no way out. I know because I've been there.

    It was a tragedy all 'round, and if the narrowminded author of that article even believed half of what he/she said, he/she would have signed his/her name to it. In a situation like this -- for a campus newspaper, only a coward writes anonymously. Not to mention -- his/her position is BS. Let the people who are closest to this type of suffering make the best out of this horrible situation. That is how their grief is expressed!

    We held a rally in Key West yesterday on Coming Out Day. Several of us spoke about these needless deaths, about the powerlessness of people like Tyler and so many others like him. And we reached out to those who may be in similar situations, assuring them that there are other ways to cope than suicide. There needs to be stronger and more visible means of support -- exactly what the students on the Rutgers campus are trying to ensure -- to the disdain of the anonymous author who obviously hasn't got a damn clue about the "hardships of life."

    Barack Obama is my president!

    by RevJoe on Tue Oct 12, 2010 at 05:38:46 AM PDT

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