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View Diary: Outsourcing Torture: Secret History (FBI v. CIA) (42 comments)

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  •  First off, kudos to you. (none)
    Next, let me proffer the notion that the purpose of torture is its own sake.  I am stringing my thoughts together on this, but the preliminaries are... look at the big picture; don't get bogged down in minutiae.  

    What do torture and privatizing social security and not funding schools and not believing in global warming and attacking muslims and gays and abortion rights and destroying the economy and rolling back civil liberties have in common?  

    And why?

    And what can we do about it?

    More later.  But the torture is not about getting information.  He could care less about the information.  The information is wrong.  The torture is there to terrorize the people being tortured and "others like them".  And if it turns some nice young honorable people into monsters to be used later, well, so much the better.

    There was no reason to torture the folks in the Camps either.  Why not just exterminate them and have done with it?  Why even take them to the Camps?  Why not just isolate them and shoot them?  Why waste the food and the wood and the soldiers and the bullets during wartime?  Answer: because the torture was the important part.  Same answer here.  Bigger question is Why.

    Of course he's written in the Lamb's Book of Life. He's the Antagonist.

    by ultrageek on Tue Feb 08, 2005 at 02:09:57 PM PST

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