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View Diary: CO-Sen: Buck didn't prosecute rape case because he believed victim had abortion (161 comments)

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  •  Buck is representative of those we've been (0+ / 0-)

    putting in the prosecutor's chair, in most places, for forty years. He believes it is his job to enforce God's law (as he sees it) rather than the laws of the United States; he feels it is his job to exercise power in order to keep unsavory characters (like women who have sex -- even if it's forced on them) down and rid the community of them.

    I'm sorry, and with due apologies to those who may actually be prosecutors and are trying to enforce the law of the land, my experience and my observation is that prosecutors have become nothing more than renegade witch hunters, and this is only the most recently visible example.

    Let's face it, prosecutorial misconduct is rampant; they pick their cases not on the seriousness of the offense, but based on how much good publicity they can wring out of it. They choose to protect only the wealthy campaign donors and to victimize everyone else. And the courts do little, if anything, to reign them in.

    They manufacture evidence, tamper with juries, bribe judges, frame those they have no evidence on, and let their friends and accomplices skate free. Even the Supreme Court recognized this, and decided it is ok -- you have no constitutional right to NOT be framed by a prosecutor. Should it happen to you, you have the right to an attorney, maybe. If the police do not beat a (false) confession out of you first.

    Ken Buck is the type of guy who has made it wise to fear government and police power in this country, and he likes it just that way. He is the poster boy for what the GOP and Tea Baggers want the courts to be doing.

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