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View Diary: "Moral values" hypocrites take porn money (110 comments)

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  •  bring it on (none)
    Stranger than fiction. So twisted that no one would ever believe that it's happening right under their noses.

    Sadly, the further and further we get from rational reality -- the deeper we go into this Hooverville-on-LSD -- the more difficult it's going to be to swing people around to any semblance of reason. Torture? Well... okay. Burn the Constitution? Well... if we must. Bomb the crap out of tens of 1000's of innocent civilians? I guess if we have to, we'd better get going on it. Porn? Heck, why not?

    It's all Clinton's fault, anyway. Bill Clinton got me hooked on porn. Bill & Hillary got us all HOOKED ON PORN!!! DAMMIT!!

    If it looks like Fascism, and it sounds like Fascism, and it really, really smells like Fascism...

    by DjW on Tue Feb 08, 2005 at 09:10:58 AM PST

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