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View Diary: "Moral values" hypocrites take porn money (110 comments)

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  •  Kindergarten mentality (none)
    Whatever, I just don't understand how the so-called religious right can sleep with these people.  

    Moral values my ass.

    Profits dictate morality.

    They will drop the abortion arguments when they realize that it will cut into profits when CEO's have to rush daughters and girlfriends out of the country on corporate jets.

    When companies are sued for damages pertaining to the loss of a pregnancy because a fetus has legal standing.

    When prostitutes can't get their birth control and feed the Casino industry.

    When they realize they will actually have to, um marry the girl, instead of paying for an abortion.

    When the tourism business goes South, or North to Mexico or Canada, or other states.

    When the foster and orphanage system costs the states more in budgeting and insurance companies set more limits on prenatal care due to increased payouts for an extra 1.5 million pregnancies.  

    When companies no longer offer insurance for women because every woman  will be likely to get pregnant in the next year.  

    Risk management will become unbearable for our market to sustain.  They are going to shut down the economy, and kill off plenty of kids in the process, due to a strain on resources.  Parents will be forced to pull the plug on real live children who cannot get health care.

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