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View Diary: "Moral values" hypocrites take porn money (110 comments)

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  •  So why aren't the D's using this? (none)
    Rather than chatter back and forth about how amazing it is that the R's are hypocrites, why don't some D's grab this issue and run with it?  If the companies involved are giving all their money to the R's, why not put them in a tight spot?

    For example, Democrats could propose a "defense of community standards" act, that would let localities clamp down on this sort of thing ("porn in hotels?  not in my neighborhood!").  Don't say diddly about the hypocrisy, just go into it with a straight face and sell it on its merits.  All it has to do is have just enough teeth in it to make trouble for a national distribution network that would be forced to filter its broadcasts show by show.

    This is completely cost-free, because (a) it will never pass and (b) those companies aren't giving the Democrats money anyhow.  The benefit is that it will cause trouble for the R's with their base and their donors.  The R's could, correctly, point out that this was all just intended to make trouble for them, but they really don't want to go there.

    •  Because then WE are the hypocrites (none)
      Look, I don't really like this line of attack, because I don't want to ban porn, and neither do most Democrats that aren't senators from Conneticut.
      •  All that matters is the results. (none)
        If the D's tailor their attack towards the companies that donate to the R's, the porn won't get banned, the R's will just get heat from their base (and/or their contributors).  If the bad outcome won't happen, why does it matter what you do?  Or, perhaps some of the porn distributors (the cable companies and hotels) could send a little money to the D's to get them to shut up.

        Sorry if I sound cynical, but seriously, there's no way in hell that porn is going to get banned if companies like Adelphia and Marriott are making money on it.  This is all about making it clear to the religious right how they've been taken for a ride.

        And lord, with the crowd in power now, you think this little scrap of hypocrisy is going to stand out at all?

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