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  •  Propriety (none)
    We Dems need to get serious about a response, instead of howling and gnashing our teeth about Republican duplicity.

    Here's our checklist of questions:

    Why do red-staters and other actual and potential Bushies think values have declined?  

    What do they really want to see done differently?

    What emotional or psychological connections do they make between "indecent" material and worse or better times for themselves or their country?

    What do they actually want politicians to do about it?

    I think if we had a few more of these answers, we'd be wielding a pretty big stick.  First of all, we could demonstrate in terms articulated by "value voters" themselves, how the GOP does not do anything to promote "values".  Second, there are a number of these concerns that we could address as progressives - a sense of decency between people being first and foremost.

    I should say that this comes out of my own thinking that what people are upset about are two things:
    Decency - people being basically decent and civil to one another
    Propriety - people generally respecting social norms so as to avoid offending people.

    Yes, there are minefields here, likes when "propriety" forbids talking about homosexuality and such, but there are certainly a whole variety of cases where we do support propriety.  Who here is for porn being permissible at work?  Or for fucking swearing to be the fucking norm in fucking professional gatherings?

    I.e, when it comes right down to it, many people don't give a rip if America is jacking off to porn in their basements, but they don't want it to be discussed in public.  As repressed and hypocritical as some might find that, there is some merit to keep the private private and the public public.  That's not to say that we should cave in to the Ralph Reed Morality Police (who are  absolute hypocrites), but rather make sure that the language we use includes the notions of decency and propriety.

    As for how you apply this to abstinence education, I don't have many concrete ideas, but I'd start by spinning condom education as "a backup, in case  you do not practice abstinence".  And certainly this would vary community by community - mores in Washington, DC are different than mores in Washington, PA.  This may seem like splitting the difference, but I think of it as an end run around the fact that many people basically consider sex sinful, and a gentle entrez rather than a forceful one.

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