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View Diary: The Week in Editorial Cartoons - Republican Thuggery on Full Display, Part I (63 comments)

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  •  I'm very late to the party, so don't mind posting (13+ / 0-)

    up near the top. JekyllnnHyde - I'm your #1 fan. Well, not exactly, because as a progressive, I'm willing to share that title (#1 Fan) with many others!

    After a very long day of making phone calls for Harry Reid (I'm in CA, but the failure of Reid just cannot happen) I was exhausted and a bit frightened. But, after reading this awesome diary, I'm re-energized to pick up the phone for just one more day. (On Tues., I'm going to Bill Hedrik headquarters to GOTV.) So, only one more day for Harry.

    Anyway, no diary you write, with however many cartoon, could ever be too long for me. The cartoons fascinated me, as usual. I especially was energized that so many of these cartoons came from newspapers in smallish towns with Rebuglish readers. Yippee!!

    My two favorites, for whatever reason, were the "Newts" and the one with Clarence Thomas beating his cell phone. A lot of others cracked me up too. Just the medicine I needed.

    So, please keep them coming JnH. I appreciate your diaries ever so much, even though I don't always get to them in real time.



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