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View Diary: WI-SEN: Feingold Wins Second Debate.  Polls Tightening. (245 comments)

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    Lord Sphere

    I was a bit impatient with the arrogance of Geo pretending that he was being insulted by someone or some people. A strawman so that he could attack "blue dogs", another disguise for attacking those in the netroots who are not "blue dog" lovers but are pragmatic.

    But you have given Geo a more mature and reasoned reassurance that some of us were not inclined to give him and for that I salute you my Lord.

    scientia potentia est - Francis Bacon "...knowledge itself is power."

    by factPlusContextAlmostTruth on Wed Oct 13, 2010 at 04:40:11 AM PDT

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      Thanks, need to request a name change one of these days...

      To be fair, I wouldn't characterize Geo's attitude as arrogance. S/he's trying to hold Democrats and their proponents to reasonably high standards, and I think that's good... so long as no votes are lost to the Radicals in the process. So lets vote for Democrats AND hold their feet to the flames.

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