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View Diary: WI-SEN: Feingold Wins Second Debate.  Polls Tightening. (245 comments)

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    There was NO reason for you to bring up the topic of Shitty Dems and Blue Dogs.

    They have NOTHING to do with Russ Feingold.  They have nothing to do with supporting Russ Feingold.

    There are 50 million places to discuss shitty dems.  A Diary asking for support for Russ Feingold isn't one of them.  

    And your writing "support Good Dems like Feingold" at the bottom, after you post how shitty dems include "torture apologists, anti-abortionists and warmongers every bit as despicable as Cheney," along with blue dogs, doesn't clean up this shit you flung in a "support Feingold" diary.  



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