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  •  For the most part, the EU (0+ / 0-)

    is much more prone to handing out suspended sentences and exacting fines, imposing limits on movement,  and requiring community service, rather than incarcerate people. Generally, only very violent first-timers, politicians or functionaries who abuse the public trust, and repeat offenders end up being incarcerated. But unlike the US, the sentences rarely translate into years and years of one's life lost behind bars.

    Incarceration is expensive on so many levels. And it does nothing to reduce crime. EU recidivism is far lower than America's despite the EU's "coddling."

    Unfortunately, as in the U.S., minorities here tend to receive harsher sentences and to be incarcerated at an unusually high rate in comparison with their white counterparts. It's horrific and deplorable... but at least it's a subject that gets discussed and debated more or less openly.

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