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View Diary: Why Is Christine O'Donnell Laughing? (106 comments)

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    She knows she's waaaayyy in over her head and has absolutely no grasp or knowledge of important policy issues facing the country.  So out comes the "Oh Mah Ga?" face and laugh because that's all her tiny little  Kardashian brain will allow her to do.

    I was horrified this morning watching the reviews of her "performance" come in.  She was getting thumbs up from people and my head was going to explode.  "She held her own" and "She came out pretty even against Coon", etc.

    I watched the debate on tape at CSPAN and she was a complete, total embarrasment. If that's what a portion of the populace want in control of our government them we're in deep shit.

    Tonight's second round?  Reid-Angle debate.  Get yerself ready for a WHOLE lot of crazy.

    Andy Partridge is a genius.

    by paulitics on Thu Oct 14, 2010 at 10:08:10 AM PDT

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