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View Diary: Sharron Angle is just plain stupid and somehow won/tied the debate??? (No!) (166 comments)

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  •  Funny, I thought debates (2+ / 0-)
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    rainmanjr, elwior

    were about defending your own propositions, and yes sometimes a debate can get heated, but I don't necessarily believe that Harry felt he had to attack her, instead he went after her by offering a factual argument with is a technique of persuasion.  His judgment won over her inventions about the issues.  I mean, what in the world does that woman really know about any of the issues that were brought up except her own invented opinions.  And she also showed how often she's contradicted her own assertions about the issues, too.  At one point Harry pointed out that she didn't answer the question.  He didn't even have to do that for the thinkers in the audience, they got it, but he pointed it out and then went on to offer the facts.

    But obviously you feel different, and that's okay.  ,)

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