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View Diary: Sharron Angle is just plain stupid and somehow won/tied the debate??? (No!) (166 comments)

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    Harry's not exciting, he'll never be called a Great American Speaker, but her hit back hard at Angle with facts and reality.  I thought he did well.  

    Angle is a very poor speaker.  Every single response was Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare.  Not to mention that several times the moderator called her out for failing to actually answer the question at hand.  

    It was a hard-hitting debate.  They were both given tough questions to answer.  Angle's responses were strictly talking-point city.  The only interesting thing she said was "Man Up!" in order to get Reid to privatize social security!  That polls so badly everywhere, I can't imagine why she's using it as a main talking point.  

    Oh yeah, that's because she's stupid.  

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