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View Diary: Sharron Angle is just plain stupid and somehow won/tied the debate??? (No!) (166 comments)

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  •  Harry Reid LEADING in Post-Debate R-J Poll !! (1+ / 0-)
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    How do you interpret these numbers as 'bad news' for Harry, particularly among undecideds?

    70.1% (1118 Votes)  U.S. Sen. Harry Reid
    27.1% (432 Votes)   Republican opponent Sharron Angle
    2.9% (47 Votes)    Neither

    (C'mon, we know there are a number of Kossack-haters of Harry Reid on the site and they're as bad as Jim DeMint when it comes to ideologically-candidates only winning. They care about their particular-trees, nothing about the forest. And they know it.)

    Poll Result Link

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