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  •  The Chamber of Commerce is worse (1+ / 0-)
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    since they act like they care about US Workers ...

    The U.S. Chamber of Outsourcing
    by Dustin Ensinger, -- Oct 12, 2010

    Just last month, the Chamber lobbied vigorously to defeat the Creating American Jobs and End Offshoring Act, which would have given companies a two-year payroll tax holiday, reducing the amount of Social Security taxes they would have to pay, for new employees who replace workers doing similar jobs overseas. The bill would have also ended tax provisions that encourage the outsourcing of jobs.

    "Replacing a job that is based in another country with a domestic job does not stimulate economic growth or enhance the competitiveness of American worldwide companies," Chamber executive vice president Bruce Josten claimed in a letter to senators.

    When the $787 billion stimulus bill was passed, the Chamber fought tooth and nail to ensure that a provision requiring that all stimulus projects include only Americans-made products and services was NOT included.

    Their Policy record, shows Who's Side
    the Chamber is really on ...

    The Chamber of Commerce -- commerce for those "other guys"
    by jamess -- Oct 13, 2010

    The Chamber is NO Friend to US Workers.

    Where's the Note?    -- SEIU

    by jamess on Mon Oct 18, 2010 at 05:41:09 AM PDT

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