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  •  Battleground: Prop 23 (2+ / 0-)
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    neroden, jamess

    In California, proposition 23 is supposedly to "save jobs" against the scourge of environmental regulation - but studies show it would actually be a job-killer.

    That's why I've been phonebanking to GOTV against prop 23. The OFA phonebanking tool is great - just put in a zip code, and it will give you names and numbers of Democrats in that state. If you go with California (eg, 90210), you are free to get in an anti-23 plug after you do the script. Or you can do any Senate battleground state, because the Republican candidates are 100% deniers (the ONLY significant party in the world which is that anti-science!)

    (Note: for calling CA, it definitely helps to be able to speak Spanish - maybe a sixth of people speak it.)

    Senate rules which prevent any reform of the filibuster are unconstitutional. Therefore, we can rein in the filibuster tomorrow with 51 votes.

    by homunq on Sun Oct 17, 2010 at 04:43:37 PM PDT

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