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  •  unless you're a public school teacher (1+ / 0-)
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    I have the terminal degree in my subject area, ten years experience and make under $35,000.

    We all understand the difference higher ed can make in a child's future, and yet we have parents who have been taught by what they see on teevee that teachers are stupid, schools are bad, college professors are Marxist elitists. Why bother paying to have your kid continue with an education when they can start bringing home a minimum wage paycheck as soon as possible?

    The difference I see is whether or not a family thinks long-term or short-term. It is tough to get a student to think about their future if their parents are not.

    •  Not everyone is capable of going through college (0+ / 0-)

      Furthermore, people often need to work to support their families and just survive. Let's not act all elitist here. The goal is to improve the jobs for high school graduates. A high school degree should mean something, don't you agree?

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