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  •  We need an alternative to military service (6+ / 0-)

    What's not to like about the military as an entry level job - guaranteed living wage and benefits (for the typical single, child-less recruit), training, employment, medical care and post service benefits?

    Downside:  no control over your posting, and inherent danger in many specialties.

    Why should it not be possible to have an equivalent, public service corps providing a defined training and employment package over a contracted duration?

    These workers could then be deployed for physical (fire-fighting, infrastructure repair for example) or clerical/professional work (clinics, administration, libraries).  

    Yes, in some ways it is a make-work program - but that could also apply to much of military service.

    There is no justification for maintaining an antiquated military empire on the grounds that threats can come from anywhere, at any time and that we need to be present over the entire globe, 'just because'.

    •  not make work - apprenticeship. (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      wsexson, Ammo Hauler

      That transition to adulthood is as much a social and community responsibility as is K-12 education.

      Other countries do it, and we are weaker for not doing it.

      But we've always been willing to write off a segment of our population as not worthy of support.

      Sick, if you ask me.

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