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View Diary: Faith is No Longer in Political Fashion (49 comments)

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  •  Religion used to justify racism and sexism (2+ / 0-)
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    esquimaux, Joieau
    Fundamentalist Republicans, it turns out, don't have much knowledge of the bible.  They know the quotes in Leviticus about homosexuality and Paul of Damascus' views on women and John 3:16.  

    The people who find these views attractive feel overwhelmed by the young people getting college educations who are an amazing variety of global ethnicities and races as well as 50% female.  

    Fifty years ago, college students were 2/3 male and 1/3 female.  The percentage of students of color was in the single digits.  Fifty years ago, less than a third of the U.S. went to college.  This is what the tea partiers experienced when they came of age. This is what has been lost to them and what they want back.

    Don't look back, something may be gaining on you. - L. "Satchel" Paige

    by arlene on Sun Oct 17, 2010 at 05:50:24 AM PDT

    •  The early, persecuted churches (0+ / 0-)

      often had women in leadership roles. Paul, once he stopped persecuting the church, rolled it back to the standard Jewish apartheid.

      Which (apartheid in the Jewish faith) always seemed odd to me given the unprecedented role that women played in establishment of the Jewish faith as recorded by the Jews themselves. Miriam, Deborah, Ruth, Esther, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, etc... strong women with power.

      Now, more than ever, we need the Jedi.

      by Joieau on Sun Oct 17, 2010 at 09:32:37 AM PDT

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