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View Diary: Faith is No Longer in Political Fashion (49 comments)

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  •  the faith outreach schemes (0+ / 0-)

    were not about religious vs. secular messages or messengers.  It was primarily about targeting slices of the demographic pie thought to be gettable. And they were sought in a variety of ways.

    It was wildly fashionable. But it was based on several dubious assumptions and misinterpretations of polling data. A lot of money and media attention was blown on the project, which didn't much work, and in many respects backfired.  

    Consider for example, how Rick Warren was lionized as a moderate evangelical, even a leader of a renewed religious left, but he was easily exposed as little more than Falwell in a Hawaiian shirt. Obama was both ignorant and tone deaf in how he handled it, notably in his bizarre choice of Warren to give the invocation at his inaugural.

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