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View Diary: Back from the Obama/Patrick rally (and I met Axelrod!) (173 comments)

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    I went with a bunch of friends.  We were in line from about 10 to 12:30 before they let us in.  Didn't realize there was a Comic Con going on.  Guys dressed as Ghostbusters, Batman, and Boston Police posing with a Mr T. imposter while we were waiting.  I can't imagine what the dozen or so Tea Partiers thought.  Actually I realized that something unites Tea Partiers and Comic book fans.  Both are kind of socially inept and like to dress up as their favorite fictional characters.  

    A couple of the people in the line with us were Republicans who had driven up from NYC.  My friend who likes to read wingnut blogs and give them grief engaged them a bit and rather successfully baited them.  What they were doing there I have no idea.  Reminded me of the black sperm in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex.  The Patrick campaign did a pretty good job keeping the line from becoming too tedious with some music and other entertainment.  

    The warmup speakers were awesome.  Vicki Kennedy, Ed Markey, John Kerry is a pretty good set of warm ups. And we got a couple of songs from James Taylor, too. Deval Patrick gave a very good speech getting people fired up.  I think he gets seriously underestimated politically.  

    Obama gave his usual stump speech.  The AIDS protesters were seriously drowned out by the crowd.  After a bit they started up again and Obama pointed out rather well to them that the Republicans were not going to be friendly to their cause of getting more resources to fit AIDS.  It was an effective ad lib response.  It's the first time I've seen him.  I don't know what the big deal is.  He's a good orator and I imagine he can really soar when the time is right.  Today I thought he was effective but not awe-inspiring.  

    The Prudential Center Mall Food Court is an awesome place to do people watching.  The variety of folks wandering around is amazing.  Diversity on parade there folks.  Guess David Axelrod was hungry.  Glad he got a chance to check it out and that you met him.

    Just another normal Saturday in Boston....

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