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  •  they are not (11+ / 0-)

    All projects do extensive environmental impact assessments, and banks often ask for even more, and the impact on wildlife is minimal (the biggest one is the noise of the hammers used to install the foundation in the subsoil: it disturbs mammals nearby; they have been seen to move away and then come back).

    I expect that a lot of these studies are public, but as I usually work with project data which is confidential, I'd need to go dig up the public data. You can start investigating here for the monitoring made on one of the oldest large scale offshore projects.

    •  Excellent - thanks very much for the reference. (3+ / 0-)
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      •  European Provisions (2+ / 0-)

        This (.pdf) is a UK guidance leaflet explaining the consents that developers of offshore wind farms need to obtain. In particular, they are required by European Union law (through a Directive to individual EU governments) to carry out Environmental Impact Assessments:

        The EIA Directive (85/337/EEC as amended by 97/11/EC) ensures that, in considering whether to grant consents for developments that are likely to have a significant effect on the environment, the consenting authorities have all the necessary environmental information on which to base such decisions.

        The EIA Directive has been transposed into UK law through a number of regulations (see below): these require developers of offshore wind farms likely to have a significant effect on the environment to undertake an environmental impact assessment to consider both the positive and negative environmental impact of a development from the construction stage through to decommissioning. The results of these assessments are brought together in an Environmental Statement (ES) and submitted with the various licence/consent applications.

        Other EU countries are bound by the same Directive but need not adopt them as part of their domestic laws in the same way.

        The impact on birds is particularly sensitive as the UK's comparatively mild climate means it is on one of the major migratory routes and has large numbers overwintering.

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