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    But there are a ton of the signs around where I live, but i is consistently on the blue outer ridges of the Green Bay Metro area, on Oneida Tribal land. And our signs that we keep getting for Feingold, Kagen, and Barrett keep going missing and having Johnson, Walker, and Ribble signs placed at the corners or whatever.

    They took my signs in front of my house  and the my neighbors signs too yesterday, probably sometime before I went to work in the morning or when it was dark out. I'm not sure if this is a a strategy of the GOP or just some stupid yahoos who think it's awesome to steal these signs. These are the second pair of mine that were taken.

    Has anyone actually had something else like this happen? Is this some strategy by the GOP or is it just some rogue dicks stealing signs all over the state?

    Either way, I think we shouldn't judge on signs, since I've heard from others in other parts of that state their signs keep getting stolen as well. I have faith in Feingold, and I think he has beaten a rich businessman back in 1998 - he can do it again with no problem as long as we're behind him. Plus, you got to keep in mind Wisconsin also has same day voters registration, so a lot of these polls? Are missing an amount of votes.

    One of Senator Kohl's strategies if I remember in politics was the fact he allowed himself to be overwhelmed, and because people saw the campaign ads running - and the Republican ads run more often than the Democrat ones mind you. Basically, he lets them drown themselves out, which much of the people I talk to right now in my area, and on the west side of Green Bay and inner city? Are getting annoyed by it an might have a huge backlash in the end against them from being so aggressive.

    I think Feingold in the end will pull through. In fact, I want to go as far to say that even Barrett might as well.

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