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View Diary: Christopher Hitchens thinks the OHIO VOTE WAS STOLEN (357 comments)

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  •  can we not (none)
    rate this guy based on the fact that a lot of you disagree with him?  This was very clearly not a troll comment.  It is not there merely to provoke, he's expressing his opinion.
    •  <rant> (none)
      Why are some of you people always so damn obsessed with ratings? Why do you give a rat's arse if somebody else decided to "troll-rate" someone?

      It means nothing. It's just a person's way of expressing their disagreement, anger, frustration, agreement, kudos, etc.

      There are much bigger fish to fry than worrying about whether or not someone gave Sandals posts a 1,2 or whatever.

      While I would tend to agree that its counterproductive to "troll-rate" someone who obviously isn't a troll, I'd also say it's even more counterproductive to sit here and complain about somebody elses's ratings.


      •  because (4.00)
        I really love this community and feel like, since Kos gave it to us and set us up with some rules and allows us to police ourselves, those rules should be respected.  I also think troll rating people purely because you disagree with them freezes open discourse which is what I come here for in the first place.
        •  I restrained myself (4.00)
          from troll-rating sandals, but I finally had to give a 2 to this exasperating nonsense:
          "any nationwide push presumes a conspiracy of quite a lot of people."

          That point has been demolished again and again, by knowledgeable tech types, over all the weeks since the catastrophe. Yet some people either didn't get the memo or decided to ignore it because they were worried that some freeper might think badly of them.

          I'd better stop writing now or I'll go back and change that 2 to a 1. Of course it's moot now, but damn, this kind of stuff pisses me off.

          •  bullshit (none)
            diebold cannot need to send a tech to make unknown system changes via a patch to manipulate vote totals AND have the ability to manipulate nationwide vote totals via phone.  That's stupid.

            There is a heaven, but ill never get there... i keep respawning...

            by Sandals on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 03:43:14 PM PST

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            •  One must assume (none)
              that you are referring to the Hocking County incident where a Triad, not Diebold, technician was sent after the election had already been stolen (IMHO) to fiddle with a tabulating machine prior to the non-recount. Because, as in all other questions regarding the vote, we simply don't have access to the required details to figure out what actually happened, there's no point in conjecturing all the possible explanations. Or maybe you had another incident in mind.

              Perhaps this particular anecdote -- and a thousand other questions -- will get cleared up if the Cobb campaign's newly filed lawsuit succeeds in generating some subpoenas and some discovery.

              Now, where did I put that recipe file...

      •  tbh (none)
        i lost TU. although i could just post on cheers &

        There is a heaven, but ill never get there... i keep respawning...

        by Sandals on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 09:29:33 AM PST

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