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View Diary: Christopher Hitchens thinks the OHIO VOTE WAS STOLEN (357 comments)

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  •  A one Party dictatorship. (4.00)
    •  How does one fight (none)
      a one-party dictatorship?

      Through 'get out the vote"?  Through contributing to 'opposition" politicians, who, if you believe elections will be stolen, wouldn't be elected even if they got 99.9% of the popular vote?

      What are the options available for affecting change?

      Americans, understandably, find thinking in these terms pretty disturbing.  And I would personally want a pretty high level of proof before accepting that we're in this state of being.  But if that proof exists, well - we are going to need some courage.

      •  To Affect Change (4.00)
        You have to have a thorough investigation of potential voter fraud (the circumstantial evidence demands this) and if there was no fraud, then at the very least an analysis of the problems with disenfranchisement so as to be able to improve upon the system.

        The problem is there's no willpower for any of this to happen because it's not getting enough attention. Things like SS deform and Bush's fucked up budget are drawing the attention of those that should be focusing on this. We are getting very close to the Point of No Return as far as passing laws to reform the system by 2006.

        Is this part of the Repub plan? Distract the Dem party while they keep pumping out those Diebold machines until they're so entrenched in the system as to make it near impossible to withdraw them by 06? Then what? Pick and choose the elections they want to win so as to guarantee a 60%/+ majority in the Senate?

        As far as I'm concerned Dean's first course of action should be to bring to the forefront of the national debate the need for election reform. It would certainly help if he had some solid evidence to stand by. And he can't have that without an investigation.

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