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View Diary: Christopher Hitchens thinks the OHIO VOTE WAS STOLEN (357 comments)

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  •  the longer Americans are in denial (4.00)
    the more time they have to take away whatever democratic tools may be left, to take back your country.
    Just think 5 years back, and consider what state this country is in now. Would you have believed Guantanamo bay, Abu Graib, ten hour lines to cast your vote which than doesn't get counted, patriot act, Sadam bin Laden, phantom WMD, 1450 dead us soldiers, who knows how many dead Iraq civilians, the Geneva conventions declared quaint and obsolete and the person who made that delaration your new GA, a propsal to ammend the constitution to declare some people less equal then others.
    But of course you can decide to just be patient a little longer.    

    You know you're in trouble, when you've got to ask Dick Cheney to "cheer up" the voters.

    by amsterdam on Wed Feb 09, 2005 at 10:54:03 AM PST

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