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View Diary: Breaking -- New Poll shows Feingold in virtual tie!!! (300 comments)

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  •  P- Great! And Nate's response is right *HERE*: (2+ / 0-)
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    zett, TomY

    Nate Silver: 98% chance that I bust my ass for Dems between now and November 2nd.

    Seriously folks -- can we get off the "What will Nate say!" or what will this or that or the other prognosticator predict and just get our rear in gear as is required of us at this moment by the semi-functional participatory democracy we are all a part of (and which is assumedly why mostly we come to this site) ???

    I can't control Nate, or the rabid right wing, or the decisions of this Admin (mostly), or if we'll truly hold the House and Senate (mostly), or the weather tmrw -- or if it's really true Russ will be elected (mostly) -- i can only control what I do from here until Nov 2 to help achieve the outcome most all of us Kossacks would like to see.  So do what you can for elections in your state, and to help Russ, it means donations, calling into WI, pushing your WI friends and relatives etc.  Hell, maybe going there if you live close (i'm in Rio right now -- not too close).

    I know the diary was completely well-intentioned, but i just tire a little of the "what will s/he say about this poll?!?" stuff, and want us all to pitch in what we can, right till Nov 2, you know..??


    •  I'll be out canvassing this weekend. (6+ / 0-)
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      artebella, Winnie, BCO gal, xylem, Govinda, NFT220DC

      Several years ago, when I was less employed, I did a little research and found the the vote difference in the 10 (out of 140+ ) Madison voting wards closest to the UW Madison were the difference in Russ Feingold being our senator and also the difference between Wisconsin being a red state or a blue state. (2000 & 2004 elections) I'm sure that there is probably other voting wards that when added together would provide the vote difference too....but it is what motivates me to go and canvas.  Go Badgers!

      Republicans need people to be stupid

      by strengthof10kmen on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 04:52:13 PM PDT

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      •  Sorry for the "and also".... (0+ / 0-)

        that is really really poor sentence structure.  Sometimes I think "copy editor" would be a far better feature than "cut and paste".  One more highlight for the dangers in blogging and making dinner and having a beer at the same time. < shamed faced>

        Republicans need people to be stupid

        by strengthof10kmen on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 07:35:23 PM PDT

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