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  •  We call it laziness (0+ / 0-)

    That concept in life is why I know several 12 years olds that can not tie their shoes.

    •  OK, here's what "Unschooling" is (10+ / 0-)

      It's whatever you choose to do in terms of education.
      It's not "schooling", in that 9am is not history, 10am is not reading, 11am is not math.
      It's following your child's interest, but not allowing them to play Warcraft all day.
      It's encouraging them in math and reading and science and history and whatever else seems to be working for them, as an individual.
      It's realizing that if your kid really loves dinosaurs and wants to read about them and play only dino-specific activities for a year, they are learning a ton of things during that year: Reading, geology, biology, genetics, bio-mechanics, climate science, environmental science, population ecology, and so on.
      In other words, it's not bible verses and Cheetos and TeaBag politics--it's education specifically designed for this specific individual child.
      My now-college educated daughter was somewhat "unschooled", as were a number of friend's children, all of whom have achieved success in college, as well as surfing, music, teaching, writing, raising money for worthy causes, organizing communities, working in the developing world, pitching in the minor leagues, and just being lovely young adults. Not a conservative idiot in the group.
      It's not for everyone, but it can be an excellent path for parents and children who are willing and able to follow it with an open, liberal mind, bringing compassion and intelligence to a child-directed learning experience.

      Scary Liberal Internet Activist (who just happens to look like a normal guy)

      by marksb on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 01:46:58 PM PDT

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      •  I think the people I know (2+ / 0-)
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        Reino, Tonedevil

        are doing it wrong.

        "Gussie, a glutton for punishment, stared at himself in the mirror."

        by GussieFN on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 01:47:57 PM PDT

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        •  Maybe They're Just Ununschooling (2+ / 0-)
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          GussieFN, Tonedevil

          "H.R.W.A.T.P.T.R.T.C.I.T.G -- He really was a terrible president that ran the country into the ground."

          by Reino on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 01:55:10 PM PDT

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        •  Probably (7+ / 0-)

          There are a lot of ignorant people choosing to home school. It's a mess, actually.
          Our town used to have a decent number of liberal, non-religious home schoolers, but now they are few and far between. Most home schoolers in our community are either religious or have had homeschooling suggested as an option by their schools.
          The good news is that a lot of the religious home schooling families are not dictating creationism and a 4,000 year-old earth, but working hard to bring really smart kids into adulthood, including science and cultural diversity. In my town, at least, that includes respect for people who believe other than you.

          Scary Liberal Internet Activist (who just happens to look like a normal guy)

          by marksb on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 01:57:51 PM PDT

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      •  It can work very well for the right child (2+ / 0-)
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        neroden, Fonsia

        one who is self-motivated and who has a parent with the time to pull out the right resources. It also requires enough discipline on the part of the child to keep fighting through the hard stuff, and enough knowledge from the parent to know what areas cannot be compromised, even if they don't seem interesting or useful just yet.

        My child is bright, but she really benefits from a situation where she is around other kids, and can compete with them. She also benefits from wanting to show off for an adult who is not her mom.

        Fry, don't be a hero! It's not covered by our health plan!

        by elfling on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 05:15:40 PM PDT

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