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View Diary: In my son's 11th grade science class at public school (189 comments)

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    There is all of this talk about teachers being rewarded on merit.
    Well, where's the personal initiative in this?  What are the people who want this doing about it personally?
    I imagine all of us can identify a teacher or a few teachers in our lifetime that we think helped get us to where we are.
    How have any of us personally shared the wealth, of their efforts?
    It's amazing how people who talk about private industry needs to take the place of government initiative, expect the government to reward the teachers.
    Set up your own reward system.  Identify the best teacher you had growing up who is now near retirement and send them 5% of your income as a reward for being a good teacher.  Hell even 1%.
    My bet is you'll find a reason how this is an unacceptable solution.  God forbid you actually had to do something yourself.

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