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  •  is an obstuctionist an actual help? (0+ / 0-)

    if the choice was a kidnapper and an extortionist do you really support either?  I have lost any sympathy for this argument that you have to elect them even though they don't do anything to help people.  You do have a choice.  Personally, I would refocus on local elections to get people that actually want to do good elected.

    •  Ok so didn't quite yet get an answer (0+ / 0-)

      A weak Dem or a complete teabagger. Which one would you vote for or would you vote at all? One of them is getting elected, so which would you prefer and you're getting one of them!!!

      •  a weak dem or an obstructionist? (0+ / 0-)

        if it is anyone that behaves like lincoln, nelson, baucus, or lieberman I would be hard pressed to lift a finger.  You are not really having any impact voting for people like that anyway so I would focus my energies into either getting different candidates off the ground for work local elections.

        •  I'll end it here (0+ / 0-)

          Move to Idaho and see for yourself how that's not an easy task. I'm black and have a former Air Force buddy who's been trying to break into the political scene here in the Mountain Home area (that includes the Air Force base)and he was blackballed at every try such as being told he didn't go about the proper methods to be on the ballot and he was confused with the mayor and so people didn't even know who they were voting for and even made it on the school board and after 3 months was finally maneuvered out of that spot because it was a tie or 1 vote difference and the losing candidate even said you won. Somehow he still was booted and spot given to the runner-up.

          The first black mayor in Idaho is from here and rudely booted out by the good ole boys after his first term. They ganged up on him as we have some old money here and they agreed on time for a change. He brought that on himself somewhat as he tried to cozy up with the system and got unseated for it. If any change is to come hardcore it's more in Boise where the first black female was nominated and will most likely make it because that's a Dem area. The Dem Minnick knows Idahoans don't generally want anything to do with the government and he plays up to it and hides behind his progressive views. He has some, but hides when attacked on them.

          You don't just say work local or from the ground campaigns here because all you have to see is the make-up and it's no different than Utah or other heavily Republican areas. There's pockets of Dem areas, but as a state, not so much. I do my best by campaigning for the Dem candidates and trying to make sure people get out and vote Presidential, midterm or whatever else is going on. Black males in Idaho aren't exactly the most in demand person for political advice.

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