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View Diary: Stupid Goes Viral: "the John Birch Society was extreme, too." (56 comments)

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  •  Daddy Koch helped found the John Birch Society (17+ / 0-)

    Jim Hightower wrote an article about the Koch brothers' ties to the Tea Party before Jane Mayer wrote her New Yorker article but it didn't get the notice.

    Based on the Koch history, it isn't surprising that the Birchers show up at all the rallies. Hightower pointed out that their father helped found the John Birch Society.

    They also inherited something else: a burning ideological commitment to right-wing politics. How right wing? In 1958, Daddy Fred helped found the John Birch Society.

    Following in those footsteps, Charles and David have used the wealth they draw from Koch Industries to fuel a network of three Koch Family Foundations. During the past three decades, these "charitable" foundations have set up and financed a secretive army of political operatives dedicated to achieving the brothers' antigovernment, corporate-controlled vision for America. This stealth force includes national and state-level think tanks, Astroturf front groups, academic shills, university centers, political-training programs, fundraising clearinghouses, publications, lobbyists, and various other units useful to Charles and David's ideological cause.

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