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View Diary: Palin, Huckabee: Strip NPR of funding for firing Williams (334 comments)

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  •  They might be gang members, it depends (0+ / 0-)

    The three white kids in baseball caps:  Did you run into them at noon on a college campus with them carrying backpacks?  Or did you run into them at 3am on a dark street?  Do they look like they're up to no good or not?  Do you feel personally threatened or not?

    Juan Williams said he felt nervous, and yes there are groups of white kids that have made me feel nervous, because I felt they were thugs, because of the way they acted and were dressed.

    Sorry, but every person has a survival instinct, and every person is allowed to take in all the information from their surroundings and consider their personal safety first and political correctness second.

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