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View Diary: Palin, Huckabee: Strip NPR of funding for firing Williams (334 comments)

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    So the federal government gives money to the individual stations and then the stations give the money to NPR...  WOW that is not shady.  And then the local stations are also supported by state taxes?  And member stations also pay for programming? OK... So now we have federal tax revenues and state tax revenues going to member stations who then send those tax revenues to NPR so that they can be a "member station" and so that they can play NPR programs. OH YEAH they send those tax revenues along with the tax deductable donations right? And NPR and all of the member stations are non-profits right? So they pay no taxes...  PLEASE! GIVE ME A BREAK! Do you think the American people are this dumb? NPR RECEIVES HIDDEN AND LAUNDERED TAX REVENUES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PROCESS.  I would like to take a WWII era flame thrower to that stupid "firewall".  NPR should be ashamed of firing Juan Williams. I hardly ever agree with him but at least he is honest.
    Freedom of speech - just watch what you say.   Ice T

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