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View Diary: Yard Signs win elections, especially in THIS district. (42 comments)

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    The attendees of the bbq and the people called via phone tree can ask and answer questions, and they can vote.

    And I address the "labor intensive" aspects as well.

    Having worked on some large budget but far more minimal budget campaigns around the country, I know what it means to not have the manpower and dollars to do everything you want to, but again that is the point of this.  YARD SIGNS DRAIN MORE RESOURCES THAN THEY RETURN VOTES.

    If your budget and staff are limited, you have MORE reason not to buy yard signs.  Yard signs should come in to the discussion when you reach a point where you have more manpower and money than you can expend in other ways, if your campaign has this problem please contact me ASAP, I can help.

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    by mp on Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 01:04:54 PM PDT

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