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  •  I agree (none)
    Every ~5 years, which is to say only a few times, have I found a community of mentally engaged people who make things happen on the internet.  When I do find these communities, it is really quite wonderful to observe and take part in them.  If we nurture the Kos model into something more established with greater redundant longevity (we love Kos and the gift he gives us keeping this site up, but what if he died?  Would the community survive?), I think this model can be replicated.  There are more people who think critically and want to be engaged than the ones who have found us.
    •  kos is a big part of dkos, obviously (none)
      I doubt it would survive without him should he wander off to do something else... however... the scoop software is also a really well done practical solution to many of the problems that have "traditionally" devoured on-line communities.

      It's like watching the promise materialize before my eyes.

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